Monday, December 01, 2014

November in a Nutshell

Carol came out for a visit, and since time was short, we took her, Stephanie and Alex for a hike at NCAR>

Scary bunch, eh?

This time we headed up towards Mallory Cave to see if we could see any bats.

Fun and rocky, but we had to turn back due to time before we made it to the cave.  We’ll try again another day.

Elizabeth fed the Lorikeets at the zoo this month.  What fun!

She helped Daddy with his chores.  She loves her tools, and his.

Playgrounds are still a weekly must to burn off some of her energy!

We celebrated Steph’s birthday this month.

Elizabeth enjoys Denver’s Museum of Science and Nature.  Here she is learning how well Mule Deers can hear because of their large coned ears.

A first playdate at our house.  With her bestest buddy, Lucas.

We helped Steph decorate her apartment for Christmas.  Or did we?

A little arts and crafts on a snow day.

Being such a big girl, she wanted to decorate the middle part of the tree this year.  Twenty ornaments on each branch!  ha!

First time for me…making a Gingerbread House.  It felt like a marathon race and I was exhausted afterward.  It’s hard trying to make one of these with a four-year-old.  I had to decorate it faster than she could eat the candy…and the gingerbread!

More pictures on November’s WebAlbums.

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