Saturday, November 01, 2014

Pumpkins and Trick or Treating

I love visiting the large pumpkin patches during the fall.

Elizabeth loved the opportunity to help Daddy steer the car on the windy roads inside the farm.

She races through the hay bale maze in no time!

Leaf jumping…and, er…biking?

Notice that most pictures have had her in her pumpkin tshirt?  Yup, she wore it almost everyday this month!  Good thing the weather was so warm for short-sleeves.

Costco was getting ready for Christmas.

We picked up a big wheel at a yard sale so she can start learning to pedal and steer.  It was challenging at first, but she soon got her “pedal muscles” and was going up hill with ease.

One of our new favorite quick hiking spots.  It’s the trail behind NCAR in Boulder.  You quickly get into trees, parking hasn’t yet been a problem, and lots of trail choices.

Elizabeth helped us again during our Olde Town Arvada holiday events.  She loved giving goodies out during HOWL-leen.  She got to see lots and lots of doggies in costumes.

From 2014_October

You know Halloween is close when the vampires come out at night…

Halloween in Olde Town – Trick or Treat Street.  We met up with some of her friends to do our town’s event…

And then other friends came to our house so she could canvas the neighborhood.  A fun-filled evening for sure.  We sufficiently wore them all out by bedtime.

More pictures on October’s WebAlbums.

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