Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Elizabeth’s pediatrician recommended a sticker-reward system to encourage Elizabeth to stay in her own bed.  We were excited how well she did at the start of the program.  She wanted me to send this picture to Dr. K to show him how well she did!

Went for a horse carriage ride with our friends Stacy, Finley and Alli.

She still is eating that Gingerbread House…

Flew home to Philly for Christmas.  It’s great to see Eliz and Aidan together.

And all of her cousins.

She loves her new suitcase!  She nicknamed it “Donut” since his eye looks like a doughnut?  or because she thinks Rhinos eat donuts?  I don’t know…

First time in years Karen and Craig spent the holidays with us back at “home”.

Went to Morris Arboretum with my mom, Karen, Craig, Eliz and Andy.

The tree-top fort/net was a huge hit.

The trains and the nature inspired theme was amazing.

And we were finally home during Bobby’s Beer Tasting event.  That was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Carol for babysitting and chauffeuring we had a date night!

More pictures on December’s Album and the Christmas Album.

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